Creating a better connection between therapists and clients.

Use a service company you can trust.

What TheraV is

TheraV is an online platform made specifically for therapists by therapists. We strive to help families and therapists find each other, and provide a way for services to be conducted virtually. We strive to assist both sides in feeling empowered and confident in their therapy experience.

HIPAA Compliant Platform

Ensuring client information is always safe and secure with a signed BA offered. Features: whiteboard, annotation tools, screen share, etc.

NEW Features

Basic: Updated colors & width, move items within whiteboard, pop out video during screen share, etc.
Premium: Multiple pages in whiteboard, save pages in whiteboard up to 12 hours.

High Definition Video

Crisp video quality makes it feel like you’re in the same room, even if miles away.

Simple Billing

We’re the only company that is pay as you go for our virtual platform! With a flat monthly fee of $40/mo or $.03 per minute of usage in the Basic Package and $.10 per minute for the Premium Package. Downgrade or Upgrade at any time.

Want to try it out?

We’ve got a free trial offer for you! Click here to learn more.

How we can help

Whether you’re a therapist or individual in search of services, TheraV makes therapy (speech, behavioral, mental health, OT, PT) easier for everyone.

We offer a SECURE, PRIVATE Video Conferencing Solution – an alternative to Zoom, which has been banned in many states for security concerns.
Whether you are in private practice, an out-patient clinic, or in the school setting TheraV will help you see those you service online! 
Our team has been engaged in telepractice for 10 years! We know what it takes to make the most of your teletherapy experience. Be confident in the team behind you when using TheraV. 

Save time

Therapists: Schedule appointments, send automatic email reminders, and upload materials. All in one hub: the TheraV Platform. Clients: Let us search for the therapist that fits your needs. Do sessions online to save time!


Expand your business

Developed by, and specifically for therapists, you’ll have the tools you need to connect with clients easier, regardless of location. Let us help you find clients who are looking for YOU.

Find a therapist

Find the therapist that best fits your needs. Specialty, cost, location. We can help you find the fit you’re looking for!

What you get